About Us

We're Not New at This

With more than 18 years of web experience, Core Canvas helps you manage, build, and get the most out of your website.

We aim to simplify the web editing experience by letting you edit directly on your website's pages.  Nothing weird, nothing different, nothing jarring.

Core Canvas is you editing your site as you know it, as you want to, without worrying.

Who Are We

We're a creative team of folks who will help you build a great site, every step of the way.  We're passionate, excitable, and a little loony... but we have the breadth and depth of experience you want in a partner that'll help you put your best (web) foot forward.

Team Leaders

Jonathan Watson
Software Architect, Lead Programmer

Paul Ekstrand
Sales, Marketing, Branding

Emma Simon-Aredes
Management, Support

Shawn Delano
Lead Programmer, Systems Admin

Karen Daniel
Designer, User Interface

Natalia Rubio

Alexis Bruer