Improved Draggable Blocks

After spending some more time with the new global draggable blocks, we realized that we needed to make it a little simpler and clearer as to when you could drag blocks, and when you couldn't.

So, we added a new "Move Blocks" button to the Templates & Styles drawer (the paintbrush button at the top of your site). If you want to move your blocks around your page, just click the Templates & Styles button, then click "Move Blocks" (as you can see below).

New Move Blocks Button
​Now, instead of blocks moving around the page and changing the look as you're dragging (which, admittedly, was a bit jarring the bigger your blocks got), you just hover over your blocks and drag them into the droppable areas that appeared on your page -- as you can see in the image below (we've highlighted one droppable area just to make it clear).

New Droppable Area for Your Blocks
​Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!