Improved Facebook Links with Open Graph

With our latest update to Core Canvas, we've implemented full support for the tag capability of Facebook's "Open Graph" protocol... neat, right? But what exactly does this mean for your site?

In short, each time someone links to one of your Core Canvas site's pages, it'll send Facebook the page's title, description, and-if it has one--highlight image.  On Facebook, your link will show up nicely formatted and clearly highlighted.

But what if the linked page doesn't have a highlight image (like your home page)?  Well, now there's an option under our "Settings" menu's "Facebook Settings" window called "Linking Image". Here, you can either select a current image from your media library, or upload a new one you created expressly for Facebook (there are directions for best practices on image size on this window).   Here's what that looks like:

This is a great addition that really does a great job of highlighting links to your site in every Facebook Feed... and as a bonus, this change will also greatly improve links on Linked In and Google Plus!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help setting up your Facebook Settings!