New Feature : Search in Menu

We're happy to announce that our new "Search in Menu" feature is now available for all Core Canvas sites.

When editing your menu block's properties, you'll see a new option on the "Menu Settings" tab--"Show Search Item":

Select "Yes" for this, and your menu will sport a shiny new search icon on the far right (or bottom) of your menu, like this one!

Your Core Canvas pages are all already indexed and stored in a searchable database--without any other change, your site will return the most relevant--or most recent--matching results to your visitors.

As with all things Core Canvas, the search in menu is also added to your mobile site's menu, automatically integrated into your design.

We're working hard to redesign our search functionality to be more accessible and reliable--this is one great step in that direction.

As usual, send us any comments or questions you might have!