Twitter Cards Now Activated for all Core Canvas Sites!

Our latest Core Canvas update has added full support for Twitter Cards, showcasing links to your website anytime a tweet contains a link to your site!

Once you setup your Twitter Card in your Core Canvas site, a user who tweets a link to your site will have a "Card" added to their tweet that highlights the linked page with a title, a short description, and an highlight (if your page has one).  Here's what a twitter card looks like:

Now, if the tweet is linking to a page that doesn't have a highlight image (like your home page), the Twitter Card will use the Linking Image you setup in your Facebook Settings.

Setting up your Twitter Card is really easy!  Just click the "Settings" menu in the upper right, then click "Twitter Settings" and you'll see a new window asking you for your Twitter username (preferably a username attached to your site, not necessarily your personal one), and whether you want to use small or large images for your Twitter Card (the example above uses a large image).  Here's a screenshot of that window:

If you have any questions or need help setting up your site's Twitter Card, let us know!