Glendora Gardens: A Family-Owned Nursery

Glendora Gardens is an independent family-owned retail/wholesale nursery that specializes in plants that thrive in our beautiful Mediterranean climate. In 2014, the nursery changed ownership, and needed a new brand and an all-new website... all within 2 weeks!

After we conducted an interview with Glendora Gardens, we dove into research, looking at the industry, the history, and the local area.  We wanted Glendora Gardens to have a brand that was professional, but didn't lose it's family-owned local feel.  The logo design was developed jointly with Glendora Gardens and finished quickly!

With the logo completed, we moved right into a custom style for their Core Canvas website. We again wanted to keep the family-owned local feel, but bring some real creative impact that highlighted their nursery's plants and decor.

In addition to the design, we also helped out with some photography to best show off their nursery.

Go ahead and take a look at and browse around... your green thumb may be inspired again!